Multiple case studies in predictive analytics at processing plants

One of the challenges of using predictive analytics in a processing plant environment is that it’s difficult to demonstrate the value that the solution brings. Today, plant managers want to use predictive analytics solutions to spot equipment failures, blockages, and other issues that reduce productivity, in order to raise overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and improve both the quality and quantity of product output. However, if you are catching issues early, for example, before a machine fully breaks down, it’s difficult to quantify the value the predictive analytics solution brought your plant.

We share a taste of the many examples from happy SAM GUARD users, in a whole range of types of plant, where the value is clear, and you can see the important role of a good predictive analytics solution in raising your bottom line.

SAM GUARD at Petrochemical Plants

Unusual vibrations in a compressor

The SAM GUARD system at a petrochemical plant generated an alert for a compressor, a vital piece of machinery that is in charge of all the control flow valves in the plant. SAM GUARD detected abnormalities in several vibration tags. A process engineer responding to the alert identified and replaced a faulty part in the compressor.


  • If the faulty vibrations had remained undetected, they would have quickly broken the compressor, requiring the entire plant to close down for at least one and a half days.
  • SAM GUARD saved the company an estimated $1.1 million in revenue, on top of the cost of repairing a vital and expensive piece of equipment
SAM GUARD at Petrochemical Plants
The system identified a continuous discrepancy in a relationship between two vibration tags.

SAM GUARD at Cement Plants

Damage to a motor fan

At a cement plant, SAM GUARD generated a very precise alert for one of ten fans that help maintain a steady temperature in the raw mill. Plant engineers who went to investigate found that the fan had broken dampers. The engineers immediately carried out urgent repairs, reducing the unwanted vibrations. Complete repair was scheduled.

An Insight into the Added Value of SAM GUARD - Part 1
During maintenance, the broken tooth was identified and repaired


  • Without SAM GUARD’s timely alert, there would have been serious damage to the fan requiring more extensive repairs, which would have meant shutting down the whole plant.
  • SAM GUARD saved the plant at least $103,000 in lost revenue, as well as the cost of replacing the fan itself.

Wear and tear to a pump turbine

SAM GUARD generated an alert after it detected a drop in the water supply from a pump. Engineers responding to the alert found a worn turbine that needed to be replaced.


  • Preventing ongoing loss from the damaged pump.
  • If the plant had continued using the worn pump turbine, it would have created a greater problem that would require shutting down the entire pump.

Low oil level in gearbox of raw mill

A SAM GUARD alert directed maintenance staff to inspect a gearbox in the raw mill. The gearbox needed more oil to lubricate the system.


  • If the gearbox had continued without enough oil, the gears would have pitted, causing a much greater problem.
  • Fixing future damage to the gears would have required shutting down the entire gearbox.

SAM GUARD at Phosphate Plants

High temperatures in a pump oil tank

The SAM GUARD system issued an alert that the temperature in a pump oil bearing tank was alarmingly high, together with another warning about a higher-than-usual oil level in the secondary oil reservoir. The relation between the two alerts enabled the engineer to immediately understand the problem and take action.


  • If the high temperatures had continued, it could have caused a bearing failure that would have damaged the pump.

Increased pump vibrations

An engineer received an alert from SAM GUARD regarding increased vibrations in a pump. On investigation, they found signs that the pump was imbalanced and suspected that materials were crystallizing on the pump impeller. They stopped the pump for cleaning and prevented further buildup.

Pump Vibration drift overtime


  • By stopping the pump for cleaning, SAM GUARD prevented high vibrations from damaging the structural integrity of the concrete pump station and averted pump failure.

Stay tuned for our next blog which will discuss a few more industries and different types of problems. In the meantime, for more information about these and other case studies and to learn how SAM GUARD can help your plant, click here for a demo