Gain complete control over your monitoring system.

Customize every aspect of SAM GUARD®, from license management to dashboard settings, effortlessly.

Condition Builder
Simplify complex data analysis. Define specific tags and view real-time trends with ease using our intuitive Condition Builder.

Dashboard Elements
Make your dashboard truly yours. Customize display settings and set your preferred currency, tailoring SAM GUARD® to meet your specific needs.

Exclude Filter
Focus on the most relevant data. Exclude unnecessary information to sharpen your analysis and generate meaningful insights.

Mini Trend Chart
See changes instantly. Real-time updates in mini-trend charts provide immediate feedback as you build conditions, aiding informed decision-making.

Online Monitoring: Investigation: Layers
Consolidate all monitoring data in one place. Apply exclude filters, split filters, and rule conditions seamlessly for a comprehensive trend analysis.

Segment (in Split Filters)
Achieve precision with data segmentation. Define segments within split filters to create accurate events and data models, enhancing your monitoring precision.

Power User Module
Unlock advanced features for expert users. Enhance your monitoring capabilities with split filters, sensitivity insights, and detailed data tools.

Split Filters
Refine your data segmentation. Apply specific conditions to segment your data, ensuring only the most relevant points are considered for analysis.

Sunburst Diagram
Navigate easily with our intuitive sunburst diagram. Visually select equipment within split filter modules for streamlined operations.

Trend Toolbar: Layers
Layer your insights seamlessly. Apply exclude filters, split filters, or rules directly on your trends for multi-dimensional data analysis.

Valve Name Convention
Optimize event tracking with automated valve tag functionality. Include all related tags when an event involves one, simplifying your analysis.

Elevate your industrial monitoring with SAM GUARD® 8.4.

Streamline your processes, gain unparalleled insights, and optimize your operations. Dive into our full release notes to maximize your SAM GUARD experience.