At Precognize, we are always focused on improving our customers’ experience with our software. With your help, we’ve identified the need for a guided predictive analytics experience that shifts responsibility for investigating alerts out of the hands of overworked process engineers and into the control room. Additionally, we’re creating a more advanced version of root cause analysis software, and tools to help you set and measure KPIs for your pilot programs.

Here are the ways that the new, improved SAM GUARD early release Version 6.0 will advance predictive analytics in process plants to raise OEE and increase productivity.

New Online Monitoring UX brings predictive analytics into the control room

Precognize Launches 3 New Modules for Greater Plant EfficiencyMid-July 2019, Precognize is launching the new UX for our existing Online Monitoring module, incorporating a brand-new Guided Analysis Process (GAP) that makes it easier to incorporate Precognize’s Online Monitoring into the control room.

Until now, process engineers highly appreciated the Precognize system that delivered relevant predictive alerts each morning. However, their job description is process engineering, not troubleshooting. Dealing with predictive insights takes process engineers away from their main tasks.

We believe that software for predictive alerts belongs in the control room. That’s why the new Online Monitoring module with GAP will deliver the same tailored, relevant predictive alerts to the control room instead, removing another task from busy process engineers and allowing control room workers to benefit from software that helps them analyze each event in a simple, productive manner. The advanced interface also delivers a smoother user experience and a better KPI search.

The control room is already handling the alerts, alarms, and flashing lights that need to be assessed and dealt with appropriately. GAP leads users through an intuitive interface to understand and respond to predictive alerts quickly and easily. With Precognize, control room employees can speedily assess alerts and forward notifications to the relevant manager within the system, or flag them for further investigation. The structured process opens up predictive analytics for OEE to employees who are not subject matter experts and lack data analysis experience.

The new Precognize Online Monitoring module uses machine learning to continually tweak the insights it delivers in order to make them as easy to understand and helpful as possible. GAP gives users an interface to mark each alert according to how useful it was, so that the system can keep on making the next alerts more relevant.

Gain greater insight with Sandbox for advanced root cause analysis

AnalysisIn addition to delivering predictive insights that help prevent future incidents, Precognize SAM GUARD can help you investigate previous incidents and prevent them from recurring. By delivering advanced root cause analysis through the upcoming Sandbox feature, Precognize will give you the tools to understand the causes of both periods of high-quality production, and adverse incidents that you want to avoid.

Sandbox users will be able to pick time periods which they define as “good” or “bad” time periods. These periods do not need to be consecutive, or to have lasted for a particular length of time. What matters is that you will set the time periods for Precognize Sandbox to analyze. The Sandbox module will then analyze the circumstances to highlight and define the unique parameters of this time period. If it’s a period of unusually high-quality production, for example, Sandbox will show the engineers how to repeat it. On the other hand, if you enter data from a period of low efficiency, Sandbox will show you what went wrong, so that you can avoid its happening again.

Precognize’s unique machine learning element means that the more you will use the Sandbox, the better it will learn to identify positive or negative time periods on its own. Precognize plans to launch Sandbox in October 2019.

Set, measure, and assess KPIs with improved KPI editing

It’s important to be able to set measurable KPIs so that you can assess the success of your software and equipment pilots, as well as making better business decisions. Where previously KPIs were set and tracked outside of SAM GUARD, with the new KPI module users will be able to set and track KPIs right within SAM GUARD. It will offer a management dashboard, together with advanced built-in KPI editing functionalities that will make your KPIs far more focused and effective.

The KPI editing module will also launch in October 2019.

Precognize prepares you for a better future

At Precognize, we believe that delivering powerful predictive analytics software isn’t a one-off event. We are continually listening to our customers and working to improve our products to make your experience the best it can possibly be. With the new Precognize modules coming in July and October 2019, you will be able to analyze the past and access vital predictive insights about the future, in order to keep your process plant at optimum efficiency and productivity.

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