The state of play for predictive analytics in manufacturing industries is changing quickly, and you want to stay in the loop. Grab a coffee and get started with these don’t-miss articles. 

WeForum: The future of manufacturing is powered by data and analytics. Here’s why

The World Economic Forum discusses the value that data and analytics can deliver for manufacturing industries. It shares some statistics revealing progress in adopting advanced data and analytics, together with insights from thought leaders into how manufacturing companies can unlock the value of manufacturing data with predictive analytics. Read more. 

PWC Digital Factory Transformation Survey 2022

PWC shares key findings from its 2022 Digital Transformation in Factories Survey. It reveals that industry leaders are rethinking factory operating models based on digital transformation, and are seeing positive results, but that the industry as a whole has a long way to go before digital transformation is complete across the board. Read more.

Exploding Topics: Top 10 Manufacturing Trends (2022 & 2023)

Exploding Topics turns its attention to trends in the manufacturing industries for 2022 and 2023. It brings together a wealth of valuable information including tables, statistics, survey results, and more about issues like the progress of smart manufacturing, the impact of predictive maintenance and digital twins, approaches to supply chain restructuring, and more. Read more.

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McKinsey: Capturing the true value of Industry 4.0

McKinsey’s analysts discuss the obstacles that are holding manufacturing companies back from unlocking the true value of Industry 4.0, while also sharing advice for overcoming them and providing some case studies and best practices from industry leaders. Read more. 

PharmaTech: Key Factors in the Development of Data Analytics for Industrial Pharmaceutical Equipment

An in-depth explanation of the way that digital maintenance solutions operate in pharmaceutical plants. The article explains what is needed to implement cloud data analysis platforms and apply them to improve digital maintenance. Read more.

McKinsey: How the petrochemicals industry can benefit from advanced analytics

Employing advanced analytics could increase EBITDA for petrochemical companies by up to 20%. McKinsey helps advise petrochemical companies about the key elements needed to start or scale up adoption, identifying use cases where advanced analytics can add the most value and sharing data about their impact potential. Read more.

Frontiers In: Digital Transformation of Concrete Technology—A Review

In this research article, two professors in Civil, Environmental, and Natural Resources Engineering in Sweden explore developments in digital transformation within the concrete industry. The article covers benefits, challenges, and potential opportunities presented by digital transformation in concrete manufacturing. Read more

EY: Why the chemical industry is prioritizing digitalization

In 40% of chemicals companies, the CEO is emphasizing how digitalization can help fulfill their sustainability goals. In this article, EY shares data about the speed of digital transformation in the chemicals industry, key drivers for and barriers to digitalization, and the value that digitalization is bringing specifically to sustainability in the industry. Read more

Food Safety: Advances in Digital Technologies for Food Safety

The Food & Beverage industry is undergoing a digital transformation. This article discusses ways that F&B companies are generating data-based insights into operations, plant safety, and product quality, and the value that these insights are providing for the advance of food safety in particular. Read more

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