Precognize is an innovative process manufacturing technology company that is part of the prestigious process automation corporation The SAMSON Group. Precognize focuses on helping process manufacturing companies to run more efficiently and maximize productivity by resolving bottlenecks in operations, reducing unexpected downtime, and improving maintenance scheduling.

Our flagship product is SAM GUARD®, a comprehensive predictive monitoring solution for process manufacturing plants. SAM GUARD® provides advanced insights into operating conditions and early warning of potential equipment failures. The solution uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to learn what “normal” processes look like and recognize anomalies quickly and accurately.

SAM GUARD® filters out false alarms to prevent engineers from becoming overwhelmed and avoid alarm fatigue, without requiring any specialist equipment. SAM GUARD continuously monitors customer data across the entire plant without requiring any specialist equipment. The system picks up on the earliest signs of equipment failure or inefficiencies to reveal problems while they are still relatively minor and easy to fix. To prevent engineers from becoming overwhelmed and avoid alarm fatigue, SAM GUARD® automatically filters out false alarms.

SAM GUARD®’s solution provides all stakeholders with a comprehensive visualization of the plant and its process in the form of a digital twin, helping speed up root cause analysis and enabling virtual resolution for plant issues.

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