• The pump’s oil temperature rose by >10[C]. This temperature level is not standard. Such high values have never been measured in the history of the sensor.
  • This rise in temperature was observed after filling the secondary oil tank, due to filling it with excessive amounts of oil. This made it impossible for oil to flow from the pump’s bearing back into the oil reservoir, which would have damaged the bearing and the pump as a result.

How SAM GUARD® Helped

  • SAM GUARD® triggered an alert presenting the engineer investigating the issue with a unique insight.
  • SAM GUARD® provided both oil reservoir level and oil temperature, and the relation between the two that triggered the alert. This enabled the plant engineer to immediately understand the problem.


  • SAM GUARD® averted significant potential damage to the pump.
  • A rise in the bearing oil temperature could cause bearing failure, in turn damaging the pump.
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