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Control valve diagnostics
for process plants

Gain insights into the health of your plant valve system

Direct access to valve data is complex

The average plant contains hundreds of control valves, and the sudden failure of even one valve can be catastrophic. But accessing diagnostic valve data is a heavy and time-consuming process which instrumentation engineers prefer to avoid as long as possible.

Process data + expertise = valve diagnostic insight

SAM GUARD Valve Diagnostics tool combines AI with the plant’s​​ ​existing process data and the deep expert knowledge amassed over Samson’s 100-plus years in the valve industry. This revolutionary combination delivers valuable insights into valve health to reliability engineers and other personnel, without requiring the frequent and tiresome valve data downloads that legacy solutions rely on.

Who benefits

Reliability Engineers

Maintenance Engineers

Instrumentation Engineers

Predictive maintenance benefits

Cloud-based system without any on-site implementation required

Predict valve failures before they occur

Reduce the frequency of cumbersome valve data downloads

Cut false alarms with manual alert filtering by human experts

Standalone system works independently of other monitoring solutions

SAM GUARD found this worn out plug (bottom image) by identifying strange valve behavior and creating an alert about it.

Case study

In a petrochemical company, SAM GUARD identified strange behavior by valve EFC2702 and generated an alert about it. The opening position of the slave valve (EFC2702.OP) was fluctuating up to 100%, while the master set point (ELC2702.SP) was absolutely stable.

Maintenance engineers inspected the valve and found that it was not closing by 8%. They calibrated the valve, then rechecked, and found that the valve was not sealing, so they replaced it and went through an overall mechanical review. This deeper inspection discovered that the plug was very worn; the photo compares the new plug (top) with the old, worn-out one (bottom).

SAM GUARD’s valve diagnostics solution brings together deep valve knowledge and AI technology, bridging the gap between process data and difficult-to-access valve diagnostic data to alert you before a valve fails.

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