In today’s industrial world, there is a growing challenge of siloed diagnostic solutions. Each individual vendor may achieve a deep understanding of its own parts — be they valves, pumps, compressors, etc. — but it can be challenging to tell a more comprehensive story of multiple parts from different vendors, or the interconnection of various parts.

This is exactly where predictive maintenance comes into play. Predictive maintenance, or PdM, breaks the barriers by integrating the different sources and gives a holistic view of the plant. PdM can be provided as a service, rather than just software alone, which gives added value. It can be implemented using an analytical center that can be internal to the plant or connecting several of the company’s plants, giving a big picture view of all the relevant issues together. Combining PdM as a service, with the possibility for deep dives into the diagnostics of each part, provides the plant maximum coverage preventing failures and ensuring smooth operation.

In this webinar, Chen Linchevski, CEO of Precognize will share lessons learned from different implementations of these joint forces of PdM and diagnostics.