eChemExpo is usually held every two years in Kingsport, Taiwan. This will be the 11th eChem Expo and Conference and also the 21 year anniversary!

The EXPO will still be one day, Wednesday October 20. The Conference, however, starts Tuesday, October 19 at 11:00 am, and continues through Wednesday, October 20 at 4:30 pm. This pre-Expo day seminar format provides a 2-day conference and frees up more “exhibits only” time on Wednesday, the main Expo day. We will also implementing new measures to accommodate post-pandemic safety and health related concerns.

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SAM GUARD – Predictive Analytics for the Process Industry

Utilizing our proprietary human enhanced machine learning and artificial intelligence, we can provide your plant personnel with more insight into the process and draw attention to anomalies in your plant before they become issues. Since SAM GUARD is notifying you at a point before the equipment becomes unsalvageable, we can help prevent hefty repair costs, and major losses due to extended downtime. The earlier you catch a failure, the less it costs to repair. SAM GUARD’s Human Enhanced AI-powered early alerts give you time to prepare a plan of action, long before the discovered issues make a signi cant impact on your plant.

What attendees will learn

  • A technical overview on SAM GUARD’s proprietary human-enhanced machine learning
  • The limits associated with using supervised and unsupervised ML without context
  • How SAM GUARD can add context to a machine learning model
  • How SAM GUARDcan bring early awareness to process issues and increase productivit
  • The value of increased productivity due to SAM GUARD

Speaker: Matt Moyer, Cognitive Solutions Business Development Manager

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