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Predictive Monitoring
for process plants

Boost revenue by improving production across the plant

Monitoring the entire plant directs you to the exact location of an issue as it arises. This lets you — at a glance — catch where problems are located, while they are still small, and will take minimal time and money to repair.

Potential problems get lost across the vast plant

Process plants are enormous, complex organizations and any issue that arises can affect almost anything else. While these challenges could be simple for operation engineers to resolve when they begin, they are often only spotted once significant failures are caused, often requiring the plant to be shut down for repair. As a result, process engineers spend their time chasing fires instead of pursuing excellence.

Predictive monitoring gives early warning of failures

SAM GUARD Predictive Monitoring uses human-enhanced machine learning to model your entire plant and track data from every sensor. It identifies anomalies in the data to catch unexpected, non-repeating issues early, before they grow into serious and costly problems. With better insight into plant conditions you can optimize production, achieve operational excellence, and increase your bottom line.

Who benefits

Operation Engineers

Process Engineers

Plant Manager

Production Manager

Predictive maintenance benefits

Achieve operational excellence

Detect unexpected & unforeseen events in advance

Reduce production loss

Increase plant uptime

Save on part and machine replacement

Enable process engineers to spend more time planning and less time chasing fires

A cement company gains over $3 million in revenue with predictive monitoring from SAM GUARD

A cement company implemented SAM GUARD in an analytical monitoring service to monitor and generate alerts across numerous plants run by the organization. With SAM GUARD’s help, one plant was able to reduce manufacturing costs by 10% and overtime by 50%, while another cut manufacturing costs by 6% and overtime by 65% annually.

By using SAM GUARD to reduce repair costs and slash plant downtime, the cement company gains $3,124,245 in revenue in the course of a single year.

SAM GUARD predictive monitoring is the only solution combining machine learning (AI) with human domain knowledge (HI) to monitor the entire plant, spotting unexpected, non-historic problems before they occur, no matter what the cause.

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