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SAM GUARD® Analytical Monitoring Service

Maximize value from SAM GUARD®
Predictive Monitoring Solution with our AMS support team

The Analytical Monitoring Service (AMS) is a team of experienced process engineers who support you to maximize value from the SAM GUARD® Predictive Monitoring Solution.

AMS engineers work with you to:

  • Implement the SAM GUARD® solution for your plant
  • Review SAM GUARD® alerts 
  • Draw your attention to urgent alerts 
  • Conduct initial analysis to pinpoint the predicted failure
  • Prepare a report that helps prove the value of SAM GUARD® to the management team
  • Drive a culture of failure prevention rather than reaction

AMS engineers possess a holistic view of the entire plant, together with extensive experience in interpreting data from predictive monitoring systems. This equips them to understand the import of SAM GUARD® alerts more quickly, and to find the most relevant data to share with process engineers to provide them with clear and informative early indications of failures. 

Why we recommend SAM GUARD® AMS

Ease the transition to Industry 4.0Save time for process engineersSpeed up time to value
AMS engineers support process plants while they master Industry 4.0 and adjust to a new culture of proactive failure prevention.Process engineers are too busy for more tasks. AMS engineers share SAM GUARD® alerts in formats that require minimal time.AMS engineers implement SAM GUARD® and communicate its most valuable findings, helping realize value quickly. 
Tap into pan-industry expertiseBenefit from a holistic viewpointRefine SAM GUARD® alerts
AMS engineers’ experience from across the industry gives them a broad understanding of problems and an ability to benchmark.AMS engineers view the plant holistically, enabling them to produce more actionable recommendationsSAM GUARD® results are more precise when the solution receives feedback. Process engineers don’t have time for this, but AMS teams do.

With SAM GUARD® AMS, one company reduced manufacturing costs and overtime, resulting in gains of $3,124,245 in revenue in a single year

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